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Appointment summary

A feature called "Appointment" designed to facilitate communication between medical personnel and patients. This feature involves scheduling appointments before patients arrive at the hospital, aiming to reduce wait times on phone calls to the hospital. It proves beneficial for the call center as well, as relevant information, such as the doctor's available time, is displayed on the mobile screen. This information is pulled from the CMS through collaboration with the design team.

Double Diamond Design Thinking Framework

double diamond design thinking framework.jpg

Persona / Nurse

Empathy Map - Nurse.png

Nurse & Patient flow

Create an appointment 

Apt flow.jpg
Screen flow
Scenario 1 : Create an appointment by Nurse
Scenario 1 _ Create an appointment by appointment management.jpg

Confirmation flow

Scenario 2 : The user needs to confirm the appointment status 

Appoinment status flow.jpg

Persona / Patient

Empathy Map - Patient-1.png
Screen flow

Scenario 2 : Create an appointment by Patient

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